The Fall

It was dark all around. Pitch black. And I am falling down. I tried holding onto something but there was nothing that I could grasp to break my fall. It may be a dream, my mind was screaming. I closed my eyes and opened it again. But no, I am wide awake and I am... Continue Reading →

You watch cricket? But you are a girl!!!

December 27, 2013 A few days back, one of my colleagues was discussing about the 2nd ODI in Durban where South Africa sealed the series by winning 2-0 against India. I suddenly said to him that maybe Dhoni should rethink about his selection of certain players. I expected a counter argument on this statement of... Continue Reading →

The Gods of Biotechnology.

Last Sunday, after church, a small friend of mine who is studying in 3rd standard, came to me and asked, “Chechi, are you there in Facebook.” I replied, “Yes Allen, why are you asking?” He asked me back again, “What’s your profile name? I have to send you request so that we can be friends.”... Continue Reading →

The Angel

It was a Monday. It marked the beginning of my 2nd semester mid-semester exams. The first exam was Engineering Mathematics 2. Well, Math is the most dreadful nightmare of any student. Add a prefix of “Engineering” to it. You would feel that battling dragons is a much better task than solving differentiation and integration problems.... Continue Reading →

First Day at College.

September 1, 2008. Almost eight years ago, on this day, I found myself standing with my father at the entrance of Jeppiaar Engineering College. It was my first day of college, the next phase of life. I was a great fan of science during my school days, botany and zoology being my favorite subjects. Hence... Continue Reading →

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