Into the vast nothingness, I fell, Off the ledge.   Pulled down by the force of gravity, I fell, Off the ledge.   Against the force of the wind, I fell, Off the ledge.   Drowning in the darkness around, I fell, Off the ledge.   Flapping the majestic wings, I flew, Above the ledge.



Where one begins, Another end. While one leads the path, Another lead off.   One leads to light, Another to darkness. One forward, Another pulls back.   One leads to the destination, Another away. One turns towards you, Another afar.   Life, a crossroad, Choices, a lot. Decide, with courage, Regrets, none.

The Inspired and the Inspiration

Over the tall buildings, Under the scorching sun. Over the magnanimous mountains, Under the blue sky.   Through the endless collection of clouds, Spreading it's wings. Flying over us, Showing off it's grace.   Against the turbulence, Like a piercing spear. Against the prevailing wind, Like a speeding bullet.   A marvel that God made,... Continue Reading →


Free to leap, not to fly Free to dive, not to swim Free to play, not to win Free to jump, not to fall Free to run, not to stop Free to dance, not to tunes Free to smile, not to fake Free to cry, not to hide Free to express, not to oppress Free... Continue Reading →

There goes My Life…

Like a handful of sand, in my fist, Through the holes, that are non-existent. There goes my life, oozing out of control, I finally give up, tiredness taking toll.   Like a drop of water, from the sky high, Into the river, that flows by. There goes my life, into the oblivion, Flowing away from... Continue Reading →

The Flight

He could hear a buzzing sound nearby. Maybe a fan, he thought. He tried moving his hands. But the more he tried, deeper the wires that was wound around his hands cut through the flesh. He tried prying his eyes open. But he couldn’t. The blindfold was tight. He couldn’t remember how he had reached... Continue Reading →

The Fall

It was dark all around. Pitch black. And I am falling down. I tried holding onto something but there was nothing that I could grasp to break my fall. It may be a dream, my mind was screaming. I closed my eyes and opened it again. But no, I am wide awake and I am... Continue Reading →

You watch cricket? But you are a girl!!!

December 27, 2013 A few days back, one of my colleagues was discussing about the 2nd ODI in Durban where South Africa sealed the series by winning 2-0 against India. I suddenly said to him that maybe Dhoni should rethink about his selection of certain players. I expected a counter argument on this statement of... Continue Reading →

The Gods of Biotechnology.

Last Sunday, after church, a small friend of mine who is studying in 3rd standard, came to me and asked, “Chechi, are you there in Facebook.” I replied, “Yes Allen, why are you asking?” He asked me back again, “What’s your profile name? I have to send you request so that we can be friends.”... Continue Reading →

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