The Fall

It was dark all around. Pitch black. And I am falling down. I tried holding onto something but there was nothing that I could grasp to break my fall. It may be a dream, my mind was screaming. I closed my eyes and opened it again. But no, I am wide awake and I am falling. I screamed. On top of my voice, so that anyone would come to my rescue. But none came, as I fell into the dark abyss.

It was a usual day at school for me. But something was amiss. Something unusual was going to happen. My intuition never goes wrong. As the bell rang, signaling the end of the school, I looked across to the boy’s side and waved at my best friend, Stephen. As the students were pushing and pulling each other trying to make an exit as soon as possible from the class, I stood at my place waiting for him. I told him I would give the book back tomorrow. He smiled and said; “Take your own time.” He had given me the second book of the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, to me to read. We waved each other good bye and left the class. As I walked towards the school gate, I was feeling as though something is going to happen. Something bad or maybe terrific.

I walked towards my home, but the road was deserted. This was unusual. There were three more schools in the locality and hence the road would be always full. Parents, small kids, students on cycles and few on bikes. But today it was just me. That’s when I looked around. All the houses and apartments in and around the area were not there. The street was deserted in all means, not even the trees. The school building seemed to be the lone building in the area. I panicked. My home. I ran towards my home. But the street where my home stood was nowhere in sight. It was as though the road was straight. The cross streets all have disappeared. Now this was serious. I was in the verge of tears.

I didn’t know what to do. I ran through the straight road. The weight of my school bag was making it difficult to run. That’s when I saw a cycle near a lamp post. I didn’t wait to ponder what was this lone lamp post or the cycle doing here. I strapped the bag to the back seat of the cycle and started cycling. This was better, I felt. After cycling for about half an hour, I spotted a house. I abandoned the cycle nearby the gate and ran inside. As I was about to knock the house, I heard weird howling noises from inside. I peeped in through the crack of the window. I was horrified. I saw three persons, wearing black hooded dress, sitting in a circle made of candles. But what terrified me was not that, there were snakes all around the room. Clamping my mouth shut to resist the urge of screaming, I ran. But the house premises was full of snakes. Now from where did they come from? I wondered as I ran out of the gate towards the cycle. But the cycle was not there. My bag was also missing. I ran straight the road and ended up in a paddy field. I ran through the field. But just as I reached the end of the field, the paddy field turned into a snake field. I ran for my life. Hard and fast.

I could see a mountain, far off. Standing tall in the fore ground of the rising sun. The dawn was coming. I felt relieved. But suddenly the mountain shivered or moved. I felt I was hallucinating as I was tired. But no, I wasn’t. The mountain actually was moving. Its peak was coming towards me. Fast. Except that it was not a mountain. It was a three headed snake. A King Cobra. I was shocked that I forgot to run. It was as though the snake knew me and was waiting for me. The snake pushed me of with its tail with so much force that I was flying off, suspended in the air.

I didn’t give up. I was still trying to break the fall. But at the same time I was expecting to hit the ground soon. But it was as though this tunnel or whatever it may be, never had an end. I was screaming. But suddenly I saw light, bright, as a torch light. Someone was shaking me, vigorously. I could hear someone’s voice. A women’s voice. As I was screaming hard, the voice wasn’t clear. So I stopped screaming. Then I realized the voice sounded like my mother. Relief spread over me. Finally someone came to save me. But I had hit the ground as could feel a surface beneath me. So soon? It was then my mother’s voice became clear. “Get up soon. Its 8.30. Don’t be late to school on Monday morning. This is why I asked you to close that book and sleep. You were reading till late night, right?” I opened my eyes to see my mother walking towards the kitchen and my brother smirking at me. So that was a dream. I was relieved. As I pushed my brother who was now laughing at me, I looked back at the book that triggered this dream. Harry Potter and the Chamber Of secrets. It wasn’t a basilisk as it was in the book but a cobra. I laughing as I walked to school, imagining Stephen’s reaction if I told him about the dream. Finally I was safe.


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