Neena Anna Kurien

A Bookworm. A Believer of God. A Proud PotterHead. An even more Proud Malayali. A Coder, a Dreamer, sometimes a Writer, manytimes a good Listener.

Born in Kerala, bought up in Chennai, I am a typical NRK (Non Resident Keralite). Books were, are and will be my first love. Somewhere in between being an avid reader and a complete dreamer, I realized I could write. My first post was in the blog of the MNC that am employed in. The tremendous amount of support and encouragement I got, not just from my friends but also from complete strangers prompted me to write more. With the encouragement from few of my friends and after procrastinating for almost two years, I finally decided to create my wordpress blog. So here I am, presenting to you “Sankalpam”, which means Imagination in Malayalam.


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